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+ Sun plots Java comeback (CNET)
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+ View Live Customer Webcast Demos of Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control
+ Oracle Database 10g for Windows Now Available for Download
+ Download New Oracle 10g JDBC Drivers
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+ Java Developer's Journal Readers Name Oracle Products "Best" in Two Categories
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+ New Technical Article Series: The Hitchhiker's Guide to PHP
+ New Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Hands-on Tutorial
+ OC4J 10g (10.0.3) Developer Preview 2 Now Available
+ Download the New Oracle JDeveloper Application Migration Assistant (AMA) Search Rules for WebLogic Migrations
+ Learn Oracle in 2 Days
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+ Explore New JDBC 10g How-To's
+ New Oracle 10g JDBC Sample: CachedRowSet
+ New RowSet Implementation Tutorial Series
+ Download 2003 ODTUG Conference Papers
+ New Tutorial: Understanding TLD Caching in JSPs
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+ Download New Servlet Advanced Sample Applications
+ New: Oracle XDK 10g Unicode Support and XSLT Extension Sample App
+ New Oracle Application Server ProcessConnect End-to-End Samples
DBPrism at SourceForge
Built with Cocoon2
Credits and Stuff
  • salvucci at exa.unicen.edu.ar, (Sebastian Salvucci) New graphics design.
  • damu77 at hotmail.com, (Daniel Muller) NLS_NUMERIC sugestion and feedback
  • rfranken at importalis.com, (Roel Franken) Enhanced documentation and testing for DBPrism
  • Martin.Groinig at trivadis.com, (Martin Groinig) Patch on CgiVars code
  • aborrull at sgosoft.com, (Albert Borrull i Preixens and Albert Aymerich) Logging and patchs
  • naumov at r-style.donpac.ru, (Sergei Naumov) Russians testing and patchs for it
  • danielh at inep.gov.br, (Daniel H. Ferreira e Silva) Patch for supporting database versions 7.x
  • Robert.E.Parrott at Dartmouth.EDU, (Rober E. Parrot) ResourceManager improvement
  • lepshteyn at smallworld.com, (Lev Epshteyn) HeaderProcessor extension
  • carias at interamerica.net, Carlos Arias Rodriguez bugs on reserverd words as parameters PLSQL Adapter
  • Zeltinsh at on2trade.de, Sergey Zeltinsh bugs on order of argument calls in JavaAdapter
  • hengelz at madbiz.net, (Hengel Zambrano) Full testing with images and Web DB
  • jlorenzo at exa.unicen.edu.ar, (Julio Lorenzo) Graphics Design of CMS.
  • ricardo at apache.org, (Ricardo Rocha) Mirrors server for DB Prism at www.plenix.com .
  • charly.schmid at trivadis.com, (Charly Schmid) Enhancement for the SPProc, optimization for using any PLSQL toolkits and upload functionality.
  • cmarcos at exa.unicen.edu.ar, (Claudia Marcos): Re-design with Design Patterns and Documentation.
  • kuzela at adela.sk, (Martin Kuzela): OWSKiller version.
  • ericv at IXL.COM, Authentication example.
  • carl at destinymusic.com, ConnectionCache idea.
  • karol_depta at computel.sk, Second Adela programmer.
  • ts at nextel.no, Some good ideas how to improve performance.
  • giordano at aim.unipv.it, (Giordano Lanzola) Readme.performance text.
  • daryl at telecomrg.com, (Daryl Collins) Install instruction on Win 32 platform and many good comments and sugestions.

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