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Moreover news
+ IBM speeds Java on mainframes (CNET Asia)
+ Middle-aged mainframe converts to Java (ZDNet UK)
+ IBM speeds Java on mainframes (ZDNet)
+ IBM speeds Java on mainframes (CNET)
+ All Buttons (JavaBoutique)
+ Drag-and-Drop Editor Out for Linux Devs (Internet News)
+ Using Program Parameters in Java (JavaBoutique)
+ Sun pledges to cooperate with Microsoft (AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer)
+ Sun pledges to cooperate with Microsoft (Boston Globe)
+ Bitter legal feud ends with payment, Sun cuts 3,300 more jobs (China Post)
+ Sun and Microsoft settle (Chicago Sun-Times)
+ Microsoft to pay $1.6 billion, settle with Sun Microsystems (Baltimore Sun)
+ Visualize Hoovers Data With Anacubis (ResearchBuzz via ResearchBuzz)
+ Sun and BEA advance Java app offerings (Computer Weekly)
+ Sun wants to lift its Java profile (ZDNet UK)
+ 'Smack the Pingu' on Your Mobile Phone! (PA News via The Scotsman Online)
+ Third Generation Mobile Phone Game from Nihon Enterprise (Japan Corp)
+ Comment: Free but shackled - the Java trap (Sydney Morning Herald)
+ Sun plots Java comeback (CNET Asia)
+ Veritas and BEA vow to love Java together (The Register)
+ Microsoft and Sun's settlement will yield web services benefits and support for Java (Computer Weekly)
+ Sun plots Java comeback (CNET)
+ Sun plots Java comeback (ZDNet)
+ Sun enables new wave of mobile Java services (Sunday Times South Africa)
+ Sun Releases Sun Java Studio 6 (Techfocus)
+ Sam Pitrodas Telecom Firm Sets Up India Centre (Financial Express)
+ Multi Player Mobile Gaming (BBC)
+ Combining SOAP and JavaMail (Java Pro)
+ Draw Applet (JavaBoutique)
+ IBM dedicates module to Java on mainframes (CNET)
+ OTN News
+ View Live Customer Webcast Demos of Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control
+ Oracle Database 10g for Windows Now Available for Download
+ Download New Oracle 10g JDBC Drivers
+ JDeveloper 10g Reviewed in Internet.com's Java Boutique
+ Java Developer's Journal Readers Name Oracle Products "Best" in Two Categories
+ New OracleAS Portal Extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver
+ Learn from the Experts During Java Week
+ Download Oracle Database 10g
+ New OracleAS Web Cache How-To Documents
+ Learn About SQL 2003 Support in Oracle Database 10g
+ New: Quick Installation Guide for RAC on Oracle Database 10g SE (Windows)
+ Oracle Forms Diagnostic Techniques
+ Introduction to JavaServer Faces
+ Prepare for Oracle Database 10g
+ New Tutorial: Learn JSP 2.0
+ Learn Best Practices for Consolidating Oracle on Linux Deployments
+ What's New in PL/SQL in Oracle Database 10g?
+ New Oracle 10g JDBC Samples
+ New Tech Tip: Using HttpUnit in Oracle JDeveloper 10g
+ Oracle 10g Supports Microsoft Windows Media Streaming Services and Windows Media File Format (ASF)
+ New Books at Oracle 10g Book Center
+ Tech Tip: Using JSTL SQL in Oracle JDeveloper 10g Preview
+ New Technical Article Series: The Hitchhiker's Guide to PHP
+ New Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Hands-on Tutorial
+ OC4J 10g (10.0.3) Developer Preview 2 Now Available
+ Download the New Oracle JDeveloper Application Migration Assistant (AMA) Search Rules for WebLogic Migrations
+ Learn Oracle in 2 Days
+ Download the new Oracle XDK 10g Production Release
+ Explore New JDBC 10g How-To's
+ New Oracle 10g JDBC Sample: CachedRowSet
+ New RowSet Implementation Tutorial Series
+ Download 2003 ODTUG Conference Papers
+ New Tutorial: Understanding TLD Caching in JSPs
+ Deploy the New J2EE 1.4 Adventure Builder Reference Application to OC4J
+ Download New Servlet Advanced Sample Applications
+ New: Oracle XDK 10g Unicode Support and XSLT Extension Sample App
+ New Oracle Application Server ProcessConnect End-to-End Samples
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